Glens Falls Art Logo

The Glens Falls Art® mark consists of literal words “Glens Falls Art”. Our logo is always black and white and within reverse oval with drop shadow. The logo is never shown in color. 

Our mark includes the Glens Falls Art name, logo, and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Glens Falls Art’s services or events. Do not modify or alter the mark or use it in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Glens Falls Art, or in a way that confuses Glens Falls Art with another brand.
Do: Use our official and unmodified Glens Falls Art logo or the words Glens Falls Art to represent Glens Falls Art, LLC. Don’t: Use speech bubbles around the logo, Change the direction or shape of the logo, Animate the logo, Change the color of the logo, Obstruct any part of the logo, Add special effects to the logo Use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.
Words don’t just hold meaning; they communicate by their very form. We primarily use the VAG font family: Rounded and bold but not exclusive. The VAG Font is copyrighted and licensed by Linotype, GmBH


Name your service or product something unique. Find a name that will accurately identify your products or services.
Please don’t use Glens Falls Art in your product name or domain name.  Our goal is to make sure that people aren’t confused about whether your product or service is made or endorsed by Glens Falls Art, LLC. Creating a brand that incorporates the Glens Falls Art brand is likely to lead to confusion, and commercial confusion is a sign of trademark infringement. Do not register a domain containing “Glens Falls Art” misspellings, transliterations or similar variations thereof. Do not apply for a trademark with a name including the words “Glens Falls Art” or similar variations thereof.
Use the Glens Falls Art logo or use the words Glens Falls Art to refer to services other than good and services from or approved by Glens Falls Art, LLC.

Glens Falls Art, LLC is located in Warren County, New York and operates using the Assumed Name Glens Falls Art. Certificate of assumed name on file with the State of New York Department of State.