Experience Glens Falls Art Tintype Photography!

Have your portrait made with the same process used during the Civil War. Arrange a tintype art talk for your group, school or organization. Being extremely archival, tintypes can be passed down from one generation to the next and beyond.
In the 1850’s and 60’s photographers regularly traveled from town to town making portraits that are still viewable today. Photographer Craig Murphy travels with his mobile pop-up tintype studio in Glens Falls, NY and other Northeast locations bringing you the same 19th Century wet plate collodion photographic experience your ancestors had.

  Authentic Tintype Portraits for Individuals and Families

“My husband and I had our tintype portraits done by Craig earlier this year. Excellent experience, great for anyone with an appreciation for art, photography, history or science. Fascinating to see the images appear through the chemical process. Highly recommended as a great activity for friends or a memorable date idea.”
Glens Falls Art tintype talk and demonstration at High School with NY photographer Craig Murphy

Learn about this facinating 19th Century history with collodion photographer Craig Murphy!

Arrange an art talk and demonstration for your group!

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Authentic Wet Plate Collodion Tintype Images!

Fine art tintype of the Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, NY by Craig Murphy and Glens Falls Art tintype studio

The Shirt Factory
Glens Falls, NY

Fine art tintype of the gazebo in the city of Glens Falls city park by Glens Falls Art tintype studio

City Park Gazebo
Glens Falls, NY

Glens Falls Art collodion tintype by tintype photographer Craig Murphy of Brookside Museum in Ballston Spa New York

Brookside Museum
Ballston Spa, NY

Image of Glens Falls Art tintype of an american indian reenact by Craig Murphy.

What is a tintype?

Wet plate images are created on metal (Tintypes), glass (Ambrotypes) or glass as a negative for printing. The process is very archival. Collodion portraits from 150 years ago are still viewable today! Steeped in tradition, these heirloom pieces can be passed down through the generations. Learn about the history and science of these priceless family keepsakes during your portrait session! Arrange a tintype art talk for your group or organization!

Making tintypes is weather dependent. No tintypes in the rain or cold winter months!

The definition of tradition.

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Beautiful Art!”

“The art options available and friendliness deserve 5 stars! Don’t miss Glens Falls Art if you are in the area! AMAZING!” – Sharon

Thank you for bringing this history back! Keep it up!
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These are the friendliest most helpful and fun people in the area. I definitely recommend having your very own portrait made or just get some information on photography! Awesome work guys!

Amazing work and enjoyable loving people!!!