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Glens Falls Art produces Tintype Art Talks, for schools and various organizations. Glens Falls Art will arrange for your group to watch this unique process from start to finish, while providing the historical context, which made “likenesses” so popular at the advent of photography.
Wear your finest or craziest during your wet plate collodion portrait session! Your heirloom piece can be passed down through the generations. Pick a date from the calendar and reserve.
The timeless gift of an heirloom tintype portrait session make a unique wedding present for the happy couple, for members of your wedding party or a one-of-a-kind gift for many reasons!

The Tintype Studio at Glens Falls Art

Wet Plate Portraits and Reproduction Daguerreotype Cases made by hand from original cases.

Glens Falls Art, having outfitted the photography studio for the purpose of taking TINTYPES respectfully informs the citizens of Glens Falls and neighboring towns that we are ready to take LIKENESSES of all who may favor us with their patronage. All those wishing an extraordinary likeness of themselves or their friends that will stand the test of time would do well to call soon. We are confident that neither the Pictures, Process, nor Price will fail to suit.

The Wet Plate Collodion process was invented by English artist Frederick Scott Archer in 1851 and lasted through the late 1800’s. Wet Plate refers to the fact that the metal or glass plate must be exposed and processed before becoming dry. The image you will receive is created the same way photographers like Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner would have used during the Civil War.
Wet Plate images are painstakingly created on metal (Tintypes) or glass (Ambrotypes) using a sometimes unpredictable and fascinatingly slow process. During your photo session you can enjoy parts watching your image being created. Tintypes are one of a kind heirloom pieces that can be passed down through the generations. Collodion portraits from 150 years ago are still viewable today.
Wear you finest or your craziest! Text may not be the best idea as it will be rendered horizontally backwards. Contrasting tones work well.
Colors are recorded differently than traditional black and white. Those at the blue end of the spectrum will record light. Colors toward the red end of the spectrum will record darker. Because skin pigments are not the same skin tones can translate and then appear differently from what you might expect. Tattoos may disappear.
Cost for 1/4 plate (3-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ )- $60. Duplicates of the same ‘set up’ are an additional $45. Price includes a social media version of the scanned plate.
About an hour. Your plate will be varnished and ready to pick up approximately one hour after the session. Every Tintype is different. Retakes are at the discretion of the photographer unless there is a processing error that makes the plate unusable.

Glens Falls Art Mobile Tintype Studio| THE VIDEO!

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  • Tintype Art Talks. Art, meet History. Travel back in time as you learn about the history of photographic arts. Glens Falls Art will arrange for your group to watch this unique process from start to finish, while providing the historical context, which made “likenesses” so popular at the advent of photography.
  • Tintype Portraits. Steeped in tradition, a tintype portrait session and reproduction Daguerreotype case, molded from an actual 19th century case, is a timeless gift for any occasion, that will not go unnoticed. Experience what made a photograph so special during the making of your own wet plate collodion portrait.
  • Shop Online! Admire and purchase a variety of artwork from the Glens Falls Art family of artists. While you’re shopping, grab some of our ArtGEAR! T-shirts, aprons and more!
  • “Tintype Tuesday!”  If you’re walking around Glens Falls on Tuesdays, there’s a chance you’ll find us  making tintypes somewhere in Glens Falls City Park.  Be sure to stop and say “Hi”! Take a peak at the process. Have your heirloom tintype portrait made!
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We love Glens Falls Art! Outstanding Tintype portrait studio! – Sherri

Wonderful case and tintype portrait! Thank You!
David, Saratoga, N.Y
You do amazing work. I highly recommended Glens Falls Art!
Joy, Glens Falls, N.Y.
It was a great time. I loved it and loved seeing the tintype in action.
Karen, Troy, N.Y.